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Hiya, I’m Norbert (to pronounce this you can take the „nor“ from norman and the „bert“ from robert, or you could just say Nobbi).

I’m a gay man living in Düsseldorf, which is close to Cologne. Situated in the heart of the Rhineland, where big and lively cities are inhabited by vere frienly, open minded people.

I do like indie music, talking ‚bout politics and drinking with my mates. I especially like Manchester, maybe because the people’s attitude there is quite comparable to where I live (even the regional accents sound similar). I visit MCR quite often (you’ll find me at Poptastic then, that’s if the bouncers let me in) and I still think of moving there.

Having spent some time in social work, caring for people with HIV and Aids, i was an editor for a gay newspaper for years. After this went broke I’ve been working as editor of the online only LGBT site

Don’t know what else to write really, but if you want to know more just get in touch.

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Nobbis Blog

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